Suicide Bomb Enclosures

Suicide Bomb Enclosures

The secure enclosure (suicide bomb enclosure) is an internal glazed screen assembly designed to contain and reflect the pressure from an explosive device away from the building occupants.  The system is manufactured from a steel substructure that is glazed and overclad with aluminium or timber. In principal the enclosure isolates the search facility from the main building allowing identification of any potential terrorist by body scanning.

The enclosure is designed to ensure that the client does not have to compromise their architectural intention, in the pursuit of protecting life and assets.


  • Modular built system
  • Bolted pressure plate
    with decorative cover caps
  • Tape glazed system
  • Can accommodate door inserts
  • Vertical and sloped façade applications
Product Advantages

The enclosure is designed to create a secure and contained search area that is both robust and unobtrusive. Each enclosure utilises a maximum amount of glass with uniform mullion centres and transoms to compliment the surrounding building architecture.

When installed the screens will act as a physical barrier to prevent visitors bypassing security and can incorporate both blast and ballistic protection.

Each enclosure is fitted with both entry and egress doors that are controlled remotely to prevent unauthorised access. An airlock type arrangement is designed into the door functionality to ensure one door is only open at a time.

Product Construction

The enclosure profiles are manufactured from steel and incorporate multiple chambers for insert sections and cabling.

Mullions are square cut and jointed using specially designed jointing spigots.

Transoms have notched ends to ensure an easily weather-proofed joint can be provided between mullion and transom.

The 50mm deep glazing rebate can accommodate glass up to 76mm thick and is tape glazed for added security.

All brackets for this system are a bespoke design dependant on the existing building fabric and architectural requirements.

The mullion and transom profiles can include flat and indented cover caps, flush and stepped transoms, door inserts and architectural manifestations.


Steel sections are manufactured from grade S275 and S355 rolled sections

 Aluminium profiles are extruded from aluminium alloy 6060T6, complying with the recommendations of BS EN 12020-2/BS EN 755-Parts 1 to 9

The range of aluminium sections can be provided in the following finish:

Powder organic coated to BS 6496 or BS EN 12206-1

Where required, a different colour/finish can be provided internally and externally.

The complete system can be over clad to match the existing surrounding materials, depending on the client’s architectural requirements.

To learn more about this product and for detailed information browse through the datasheets below.