We have planned, designed and engineered secure solutions for Defence Estate facilities throughout the UK. For over 30 years, we have been one of the United Kingdom’s leading security glazing providers, protecting facilities which house critical defence operations and programs. We have extensive experience in delivering projects within hostile environments, to our clients’ exacting needs.


The solutions we deliver stem from a true understanding of the need to provide robust precautionary measures to protect the Government and Diplomatic estate. Harnessing our project experience and technical expertise.
We deliver the highest security protection standards, providing innovative solutions to give these important buildings a new lease of life.


We are contributing to securing the UK Rail Infrastructure to ensure the delivery of solutions which address the needs and risks of the 21st Century, providing safety and security for all infrastructure users. Our extensive security experience is sought for the landmark projects of infrastructure providers from Network Rail to Transport for London.


Windell is recognised as a leading expert in delivering blast protection solutions for Police and Security-related buildings. We have extensive specialist experience in logistics delivery in a secure and fully operational live environment. Excellence in project delivery starts with the right procurement approach, our collaborative approach, with early stakeholder involvement, helps create the best solutions.


We have a long track record in the delivery of secure projects, often in a ‘live’ environment. Our extensive experience in government contracts ensures consistency, confidentiality, transparency and accountability. Our aim is to mitigate risk and undertake proactive measures to ensure the safe delivery of all our projects.


The modular guardhouse, is a Blast and Bullet resistant structure with the benefit of a high quality finish. The unit has been designed to ensure that the client does not have to compromise their architectural creativeness, in the pursuit of protecting life.


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