structural glazing

Structural Glazing

In conjunction with some of the leading UK manufacturers of structural glass fittings, Windell can provide the Glass Fin (Mullion) system that is still the most widely specified support member in structural glass design.

These Fin supported systems exploit the full potential of glass as a structural material while providing support for the glass facades and allowing maximum transparency.

The glass fin system uses glass as a means of support for maximum transparency and to transfer wind loading to the structure. Various moment and pin type connections can be used to transfer loads to the structure in different ways.


  • All glass construction
  • No visible framework
  • Stainless steel patch fittings
  • Low maintenance
Product Advantages

Structural glazing is an adaptable form of curtain wall construction, which in the past few decades has helped architects and designers transform buildings in cities around the world.

Structural glazing gives designers and architects the freedom to create striking facades. Its potential to enhance the artistic appeal of buildings is almost unlimited.

Structural glazing offers many economic advantages. The technology promotes optimum heat and sound insulation. Furthermore, the elimination of thermal breaks and unnecessary metal can further reduce building costs.

Product Construction

Most glass fin supported structures are suspended from the structure above.

Structural glass panels are fastened to the glass fins by the use of stainless steel fittings.

In this arrangement, the total weight of the facade panels and fins is carried by the connection at the head.

This allows for very high facades to be designed without large in-plane loads on the panels.

All back-up structures are available as a completely engineered sole source package for guaranteed performance of the complete facade


Steel: as stainless steel or mild steel to grade 316, with a galvanised and/or multi-pack paint finish.

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