The basic requirement for a Louvre is to move air in and around a building, thereby creating added comfort and convenience for better living environments.

The System 23 Louvre has been developed with the intent of providing a pleasing aesthetic appearance at the same time as providing natural ventilation, controlling light and preventing water ingress.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Flexibility
Product Advantages

Designed with a choice of frame options, the fabricated louvre panels can be glazed directly into the structure or within other systems.

The system offers both 33.3mm and 50mm pitched louvre blades with the additional option of a fly screen or bird mesh depending on the application. The louvre panels can also be provided with an insulated backing to suit mechanical ventilation systems.

Product Construction

Frame members are mitre cut at 45°, corners are reinforced with extruded aluminium cleats and a secure joint is formed by crimping into the extruded cleat. Intermediate mullion bars are square cut and fixed securely to the frame with stainless steel screws. All frame joints are sealed during construction against entry of water using a suitable sealant / adhesive.

The louvre blades are supported and retained at each end and at mullion positions by louvre carrier sections that slide into position.

Louvre blades clip onto the carriers and are self-spacing to give a regular pitch. Infill louvre blades are also provided at the head of the louvre frame to achieve non- modular louvre heights. If required, an addition drainages section with stop ends can be fixed to the cill of the frame.


Aluminium profiles are extruded from aluminium alloy 6060T6, T5 or T4 complying with the recommendations of BS EN 12020 – 2 / BS EN 755-Parts 1 to 9:2001

The range of sections can be provided in either of the following ranges of finishes:

Anodised to BS 1615 or BS 3967

Powder organic coated to BS 6496: 1984 or BS EN 12206-1: 2004

To learn more about this product and for detailed information browse through the datasheets below.