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The beauty of our products is that they can be designed and tailored to new build and refurbishment projects as well as being applied as a secondary glazing solution. Windell have undertaken extensive testing throughout the product range, to provide facade and glazing solutions that not only deliver robust protection but are aesthetically pleasing. Our designs offer protection and security that is integrated in a harmonious manner into the architectural concept and historic fabric of the building.

We have been developing solutions to enable existing historic buildings to benefit from the protection levels that modern technology is providing to contemporary architecture. Our prominent historic buildings are a heritage we must ensure is preserved yet their importance and location in capital cities makes them vulnerable as a target for terrorist attack.

Through in-depth research and utilising our technology we have developed a method to incorporate our latest blast mitigation and protection technology into any heritage building whilst retaining its historic aesthetic.

We can recreate period profiles and mouldings which are sympathetic to the original building period and fabric. The additional benefit of incorporating the latest advances in glazing enables historic buildings to harness technology to ensure they can also provide acoustic and thermal performance standards which rival modern builds and using materials which have strong sustainable credentials.

Our design team have a passion for innovation and see opportunities to push the boundaries of what is considered possible and achievable. The in-house design team take projects from concept to completion, with each project being appointed a lead designer to coordinate and oversee the design and detailing providing the architect and client with a single point of contact.

Our solution oriented approach aims to solve end-user requirements through the application of our knowledge and experience coupled with the use of high performance products. The benefit to our client is the choice from a diverse and wide range of product types which deliver a perfect fit solution for the technical and environmental needs of their project.

At the early stages of the project cycle, we consult with our client to identify the project criteria and the fundamental requirements to address this. In a climate in which budgetary constraints are always a concern we can offer flexibility in formulating a cost-effective solution whilst not cutting corners on product quality and functionality.

Utilising state of the art CADCAM software, a full document control system is implemented on each project, which provides continuity from concept and design through to the manufacture and installation processes.

At our advanced manufacturing facility, the capacity of the state of the art machinery and the versatility of our design office synthesize to produce the best products in their class. Our extensive manufacturing capability and production skills expertise ensures quality can be strictly maintained whilst allowing utmost flexibility to meet individual client and project requirements.

Windell have already built strong partnering in our supply chain to the benefit of continuous improvement in our products and projects. We appreciate that project success is dependent on collaborative participation with our client and the project team. We continually review our processes to evaluate performance and identify future improvements.

Through open communication and active engagement the collective experience and knowledge base of the project supply chain can be harnessed to deliver an outstanding solution.

Windell have fully trained, multi-disciplined installation teams, capable of installing projects worldwide. The breadth of our experience on worldwide installation projects which range from new build to retrofit, ensures the expertise and skills-base required to operate successfully in different political and climatic regions.

All our personnel are security vetted and carry CSCS accreditation.

Each installation team is led by an installation manager who reports directly to the Contract Manager overseeing the project. Throughout the installation process on site, the client will have a single point of contact for all matters.

Aluminium Facades, Curtain walling and Fenestration systems are inherently low maintenance products. The durability of aluminium and the resistance provided through surface protection treatments like anodisation and powder coating ensures that aluminium structures only require scheduled cleaning programmes.

If required we can provide a maintenance contract for Facilities Management departments and providers. Windell can offer a full service for all our products, ranging from 6 monthly maintenance checks to accidental damage repairs.

If commercial glazing or hardware systems have been damaged, we can provide a one-off reactive repair contract to replace any damaged componentry or glazing

As systems and products become more complex in their operation, it is proving important to FM custodians to implement a structured maintenance regime. In the short term it may appear that money spent on something that is functioning, is wasted, however repair costs defy this thinking.

Windell provide highly skilled personnel, experienced in the installation and maintenance processes to undertake such work in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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