“Innovation” is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat.”

In that regard, the ‘terrorist’ threat can be an opportunity to not change the materials we construct with, but change how we construct materials. To improve them – make them robust.

We have harnessed our experience, knowledge and technology to create product solutions that allow the opportunity to achieve the architect’s vision without making the compromise to the building envelope to mitigate risk.

Our innovations allow buildings to look good and to perform to high environmental standards whilst maintaining the capability of providing unrivalled protection from bomb attacks.

One such innovation is the Superwall, our 100 x 250 blast resistant curtain walling system.

The Superwall has achieved what previously was only considered possible by using reinforced concrete and steel - a walling system that will remain intact following a roadside detonation of a vbied (vehicle borne improvised explosive device) at 6 metres.

The Superwall, through innovative design and the use of composite materials, allows clients and architects the ability to incorporate glazing into very high risk elevations of buildings.

This product performs all the standard functions of modern curtain walling necessary to comply with current building regulations and allows for creative architectural design.

The Superwall will give clients the ability to create large areas of natural light within the building including open plan reception areas and offices. The system can be used in areas of high occupancy and escape routes to afford protection to staff and members of the public.

The system is designed to be used for both primary and secondary glazing depending on the site conditions and can be over clad with timber to accommodate architectural detailing.