The DFID mission in Bangladesh focuses on offering development assistance in collaboration with the National Government and experienced NGOs, to priority needs with clear strategic objectives and is the leading international partner to the government’s efforts to combat the adverse effects of climate change in Bangladesh.

In response to these activities the Crown Agents commissioned a design to provide a hub for this humanitarian work that would deliver a building respectful of cultural heritage whilst safeguarding the mission.

To provide a secure building Windell were commissioned to deliver the blast protection solution for this new build project which involved the integration of blast enhanced curtain walling in a complex architecturally challenging design.

The building design reflects the historic vernacular designs of the region whilst accommodating the requirements of a 21st Century global organisation.

The project consisted of individual windows and screens, along with high rise glass facades and glazed door sets. The project allowed the design department to demonstrate how complex architectural concepts can be translated into fully functioning facades. 

The key design challenges were to ensure that the system both performed as a blast enhanced façade and reduced the effect of the solar gain on the building. This was achieved by selecting an arrangement of laminated glass with thermal coatings applied to the surface.

Another key challenge focused on the design of a fixing method that would deal with potential seismic activity in the region which was successfully resolved by using a floating head arrangement.

By engaging with Windell the client has been able to achieve a fully tested UK supplied and installed glazing system to meet their design requirements.  The system has enhanced the working environment for the staff and created a modern looking façade.