In November 2009, Network Rail announced a £3.25 Billion investment programme for UK train stations, with over 2000 stations benefitting from the five-year improvement drive which aimed to deliver refurbishments which range from station and user improvements to securing their critical Control Centres.

Network Rail’s ten point plan stated that the stations they manage should ‘showcase good British design and safeguard our heritage,’ whilst ‘acting as a hub for the development of our major cities.’

Control centres are critical to the efficient running of the railway infrastructure in each region, to deliver a safe, reliable and predictable train service with more effective management of the infrastructure Network Rail undertook a major refurbishment and upgrade programme for their Control Centres.

Windell was awarded the contract to upgrade the glazing of 28 critical Control Centres across the Network Rail Infrastructure, including the four major stations of Birmingham New Street, Kings Cross, London Bridge and Waterloo.

The focus of this upgrade was the design, manufacture and installation of blast resistant glazing to the Control Centres to ensure protection for these key facilities for the management of the rail infrastructure. Our work saw the removal of existing windows and replacement with blast enhanced curtainwalling and windows; the installation of secondary blast glazing and the application of bomb blast film to existing windows.

The scope of work at each station varied on an individual basis dependent on threat assessments and client requirements. The project experience and technical expertise of our senior team was of paramount importance to ensuring the successful delivery of these projects as all the stations remained fully operational throughout the completion of each project.

Our precision planning and logistical skills were crucial to ensure coordination with the entire project team and integrated delivery within the narrow windows in the programme. As the majority of the installations were trackside, our dedicated site team undertook elements of the works during engineering hours ensuring that the strict time constraints of major infrastructure projects for these primary transport hubs were achieved.

This contract has been one of our longest running continual delivery programmes and was successfully completed in May 2013.