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Once regarded as the Paris of the Middle East, Beirut is finally starting to rebuild after decades of conflict. However its location in the centre of this unstable region ensures safety and threat mitigation are still of paramount importance. Following our successful prefabrication and onsite installation of the Canadian Chancery guardhouse in Lebanon, our strict programme adherence, technical ability and professionalism did not go unrecognised. During this project we were approached by a Main Contractor to assist with design technicalities and projected budget rates for a proposed new overclad Blast Resistant external façade for the Canadian Embassy’s existing building. The Main Contractor was successfully awarded...

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Located close to the centre of The Hague, the British Embassy has a key presence amongst the foreign embassies and global organisations located in the city. The original building dates from 1864 and whilst there have been various renovations and extensions over the years, this historic building is now undergoing a major refurbishment project. The robust quality of our security products and the strong reputation we have developed for safeguarding the British diplomatic estate in high-risk regions ensured we were a natural choice for consideration for this project. Following the competitive procurement stage, Windell were successfully awarded the contract for the refurbishment project as the most economically advantageous...

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