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Building a Sustainable Future

In line with respecting the environment when fabricating glazing and curtain wall systems, Windell adapt to issues associated with green building and sustainability design.

Windell recognises its role and responsibility to intervene with green construction in contracts we are a part of and ensure use of natural resources is maximised during the in ensuring the appropriate and efficient use of natural resources during the manufacture and installation phases of our work.

1Sustainable Resource

Aluminium facades are inherently an ideal sustainable building solution due to the intrinsic qualities of aluminium, its infinite recyclability, strength and lightness, durability and low maintenance. These inherent properties have positioned Aluminium as a key sustainability enabler in the built environment.

When used in buildings, aluminium can enhance energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and help achieve green building standards. Intelligent facades incorporating aluminium systems and high performance glazing can decrease energy consumption in buildings by up to 50%.

2Enviromental Policy

Windell is committed to providing a quality service to our clients in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and minimises our potential impact on the environment. 

3Environmental Accreditation

Our Environmental system is annually certified, according to EN ISO 14001, by independent auditors.

Solar Control

Solar control can minimise solar heat gain and reduce CO2 emissions. Research shows solar shading can reduce heat gain through glazing by up to 85% and thus cut ventilation and cooling requirements yielding running cost savings of up to 13%.

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